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AS23SA28 - Early Treatment: When Is It Indicated and When Is It Not?

‐ Apr 23, 2023 4:00pm

Early treatment, or interceptive treatment, has been a topic of debate for many decades. Some orthodontists are fierce advocates while others deem it unnecessary. There is not a preponderance of studies on the efficacies of early treatment and the most hotly debated studies focus on only one element of early treatment choices we must make. In the end, many early treatment decisions are made empirically because of a lack of proven guidelines. In this presentation, Dr. Sarver will explore this very broad topic with interesting data most of us might be unfamiliar with, but also with the practicality so necessary in clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why timing is important when or when not to proceed with an interceptive phase of treatment.
  • Facilitate esthetic objectives in an interceptive phase of treatment.
  • Outline the importance of periodontal concepts of alveolar and soft tissue development in timing of treatment.


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