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2018 AAO Annual Session - The Next Big Thing: A Look at Technological Advances in Practice Marketing and What to Change Now

Credits: None available.

Everyday we are bombarded with sales pitches for the latest and greatest thing in marketing. Whether you are the marketing person in your practice or the person who answers all of the calls, its hard to tell what has value and what doesn't. In this lecture we will look at trends in orthodontic marketing on and offline and what types of technology offer you a leg up on your marketing efforts and which to avoid. Technology is changing faster than we can imagine and in many cases can save you time and effort, this lecture will give you a good way to gauge what works and why and how you can take advantage of it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify new tools that can save them time and effort in marketing.
  • Incorporate the technology you have more fully into the practice culture.
  • Excite the team to participate in marketing using technology.


  • 1.00 - CE