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2008 NESO Annual Meeting - Esthetics in Orthodontic Finishing of Adolescent and Adult Orthodontic Patients

Credits: None available.

Based on the research evidence from different experimental models that will be presented and clinically treated orthodontic cases, this lecture will provide many practical tips on making intentional changes in tooth morphology and the surrounding marginal and interdental gingival. Such performance is required in order to perfect the orthodontic treatment results in adolescent and, particularly, in adult cases. Topics include: (1) grinding with diamond instruments to intentionally change tooth form for esthetic, functional, and stability reasons; (2) mesiodistal enamel reduction (stripping) to reshape teeth to ideal morphology, and treat or prevent the development of interdental gingival recession (black triangles); (3) routine incisal edge contourings; (4) the use of porcelain laminate veneers and veneer crowns for improved esthetics and age relevance, and (5) different techniques for crown lengthening procedures.

Detailed how-to-do-it advice on the various procedures will be given to illustrate optimal performance and common mistakes for each. Many clinical examples will be provided for each item in this lecture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Experience that even aggressive grinding of teeth can be done without iatrogenic damage
  • Learn that several forms of tooth recon touring are needed to provide properly esthetic results
  • How-to-create beautiful teeth and full interdental gingival papillae in adult orthodontic cases.



Credits: None available.

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