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2019 Winter Conference - Relevant Useful Tools for Screening for SDB

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Although pediatric sleep disorder breathing is not highly prevalent, early potential identification and proper referral for full assessment by pediatric sleep specialists is important. The impact of timely diagnosis and multidisciplinary management of these cases can have a life changing outcome with significant overall health and craniofacial implications. This presentation will present a few different simple screening options that are available for orthodontist that will help them identify potential cases.

Learning Objectives:

  • Implement the Pediatric Sleep Questionaire (PSQ) as a screening tool to potentially identify pediatric sleep disorder (PSD) cases.
  • Implement the mandibular cortical index (MCI) obtained from a panoramic radiography as a proxy for skeletal bone density that has shown to be associated with PSD.
  • Comprehend how small anterior cranial base size is related to reduced maxllary and mandibulary dimensions in PSD cases.



Airway Doctors


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Varun Singh
6/26/19 12:15 am

Excellent resource with some clinically useful information