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The Role of Orthodontics in Early Diagnosis and Intervention of Sleep Disordered Breathing

‐ May 2, 2020 2:20pm

Credits: None available.

Early recognition and intervention of the sleep disorder diagnosis could result in a remarkable improvement in systemic health. In particular for cardiovascular and cerebral vascular disease because of their correlation with the ongoing process of obstructive breathing during sleep. Early diagnosis of the collapsibility of a patient’s airway may prevent the escalation of this disturbance into OSA. Changes in the upper airway, particularly the maxillary and mandibular anatomy and position, effect airway mechanics and sleep quality. As we embrace the responsibility of early diagnosis and intervention with SDB the orthodontist’s impact in our overall health care system can be acknowledged.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend the spectrum of sleep disordered breathing.
  • Screen your patients for signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing.
  • Evaluate the orthodontist’s impact on sleep disordered breathing.



Credits: None available.

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George Kaprelian
5/9/20 1:26 pm

Very interesting. New things to look for.