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2011 Annual Session - Variable Prescription Orthodontics: the Impact of Digital Technology/ Finishing Is Difficult ... How Can I Help?

Credits: None available.

Variable Prescription Orthodontics: the Impact of Digital Technology

This lecture will describe the gradual evolution from static prescriptions to variable prescriptions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of orthodontic treatment. Case discussions will be supplemented with digital illustrations to explain the finer points of treatment with variable prescription orthodontics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the limitations of static prescriptions
  • Gain an appreciation for the value of using Variable Prescriptions in orthodontic treatment
  • Learn the implementation of comprehensive torque selection, intra-arch variation, and inter-arch variation.

Finishing Is Difficult ... How Can I Help?

Although there are other important components to a good treatment result, the term "finishing" usually refers to the steps taken to get optimum tooth alignment and optimum intercuspation. Factors which greatly assist good finishing include optimal bracket positioning, logical choices of finishing wires and thoughtful scheduling and use of chairside time. The presenter will draw on his extensive personal experience of mistakes to propose a number of pitfalls to avoid and choices to make which should help to increase the percentage of successfully finished occlusions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Avoidance of common mistakes in bracket positioning
  • A logical basis for choosing and using finishing archwires



  • 1.50 - CE

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