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2012 Annual Session - Life Before and After TADs / The Role of Micropimplants in Surgical Orthodontics

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Life Before and After TADs

TADs are re-shaping our decisions during treatment planning and can alter our treatment course as biomechanically challenging problems become possible and more predictable. However, there are many questions that still need to be answered, including: Where are the unique areas of interest as we push the limits of this new methodology? Do we have the science to support our decisions? Are we beyond case reports? Will they replace extra-oral anchorage? Do we need to use them or can we stay with more conventional treatments?

Learning Objectives:

  • Current update on TADs and their effectiveness
  • Contemporary concepts and principles of anchorage
  • New possibilities with emphasis on Class II correction

The Role of Micropimplants in Surgical Orthodontics

The basic difference of the microimplant from conventional anchorage devices in orthodontic treatment is capability of moving teeth to a specific goal. This precise movement of teeth in pre-surgical orthodontic treatment guarantees successful orthognathic surgery. The three-dimensional positioning of the teeth, especially in the maxilla, in asymmetrical patients eliminates maxillary surgery with stable and best results. Also, the precise control of teeth position ensures the best treatment occlusion in postsurgical orthodontic treatment. The capability of controlling teeth position makes the surgery-first procedure possible. Speaker will discuss the procedure and benefits of microimplants in surgical orthodontics.

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of microimplant in pre- and post-surgical orthodontics
  • The use of microimplant in asymmetric surgical patients



  • 1.00 - CE

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