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2017 AAO Annual Session - HIPAA = Hype Induced Panic and Apathy

Credits: None available.

For many years now HIPAA has been this looming threat on the Practice, so vague and seemingly complicated most Practices, let alone staff, really don’t know where to start – so they don’t. I’d like to share some simple & bite sized practical approaches with you so you can feel confident heading back to the Practice and making headway with them. We’ll be discussing 1) Understanding that HIPAA is a series of steps down a long road, 2) A handful of small, manageable steps along that journey, steps that you'll be comfortable with, 3) If getting Ransomware on one of the practice computers be a HIPAA violation and 4) Common mistakes made with computers that are at odds with HIPAA. I promise to limit the Geek speak and talk about issues in terms we can all understand. I encourage you to bring your own questions to share.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess that HIPAA is what you make of it – and is best to break it into a manageable progression of steps.
  • Deduce that Ransomware presents a risk to the Practice and steps that you can take to manage this.
  • Recognize common mistakes people make with computers that could lead to HIPAA issues and how to avoid them.


  • 1.00 - CE