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Remote Monitoring of Orthodontic Treatment: The Future has Arrived

‐ May 7, 2018 9:25am

Credits: None available.

Remote monitoring of patient care has gone on for decades in medicine. Witness pacemakers as just one obvious example. We all know that changes in the delivery of care, payment, reimbursement, and other activities in the medical model usually lead to changes in the dental model of delivery. Orthodontics has never had a way to remotely monitor patient care, compliance, or address emergencies until now. This program is about a paradigm shift that will change how orthodontics is practiced and delivered in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Utilize a simple app on a smartphone or android phone to remotely monitor patient care, compliance issues, and address emergencies.
  • Identify the benefits to you and your patients of remote monitoring of care.
  • Apply remote monitoring to improve control, treat patients in fewer visits and fewer months to a better result, while achieving a greater net income/case.


Credits: None available.