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Management of Ankylosed Teeth Before, During and After Orthodontic Treatment

‐ May 7, 2018 8:35am

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Ankyloses of dental structures offers challenges before, during and after orthodontic treatment. It refers to the fusion between the mineralized root surface and the alveolar bone, and it could be partial or total fusion. Different treatments have been proposed for the management of ankylosed teeth during and after orthodontic treatment, and orthodontic treatment alone most not be the treatment of choice. The options oscillate from no treatment, partial restorative procedures, extractions, to more invasive options of tooth mobilization. Alternatives should depend upon proper diagnosis, and decisions made depending on partial to full tooth ankyloses and treatment goals. Sometimes, a simple tooth mobilization through partial surgical procedures on the “fused” portion combined with orthodontic force application is enough to bring them to proper position. However, when the ankyloses involves a substantial portion of the root of a tooth, a total single tooth osteotomy might be necessary to bring it to proper position. And obviously, the prognosis of such treatment decision is related to the treatment of choice, based on proper diagnosis. There are also limitations for each treatment alternative, as well as retention protocols. Different options will be addressed during this presentation, with an established treatment protocol for each option.

Learning Objectives:

  • Properly diagnose partial or total ankylosed teeth.
  • Identify treatment alternatives for partially or totally ankylosed teeth.
  • Evaluate retention options once the ankylosed tooth is moved to proper position.


Credits: None available.