Ms. Jackie M. Shoemaker BS

JM Shoemaker Consulting, Inc.

As the premier financial strategist for patient accounting in orthodontic practices and owner of JMShoemaker Consulting, Inc., Jackie utilizes her accounting degree along with more than 35 years of industry experience to help orthodontists develop more satisfying and profitable practices by increasing income and improving staff financial skills. Her competitive advantage is her unique skill set obtained through her foundation in corporate accounting, experience working in an orthodontic practice, and knowledge of orthodontic software. Jackie is a valuable liaison for your practice, covering the accounting areas and software nuances which are beyond the scope of your CPA while still focusing on generally accepted accounting principles. Additionally, Jackie developed the payment compliance company AccounTrac, Inc. where, for the past 25 years, she and her team encounter the first-hand effects of patient delinquency, financial arrangements, practice policies, and treatment-related concerns while collecting patient accounts for orthodontic practices on a daily basis. Her expertise and services especially enhance the areas of cash flow maximization, patient & insurance delinquency reduction, financial arranging, patient relations, and internal financial controls.