Ms. Karen Moawad BA

Karen is the Founder and CEO of Hummingbird Associates, an international management consulting firm dedicated to developing the human and business side of orthodontic practices. We help clients strengthen the ties between sound business practices, information technology, and clinical orthodontics. We design and implement strategic systems to propel our clients into profitability and reach their financial goals. Recognizing that it’s not just about numbers, our team works diligently to help these same practices manage change, develop marketing plans, decrease stress, and create professional development programs to enhance staff longevity. Karen has earned a well-deserved reputation for applying highly specialized and practical problem-solving skills within a framework and methodology that is known for yielding unparalleled results. Karen works with each practice as a coach/ advisor/facilitator. She is a specialist in business strategy and organizational effectiveness and capitalizes on enhancing the relationship between these two dimensions while maintaining a holistic and personal involvement with each client and staff member.