Dr. Neil M. Warshawsky DDS, MS

Dr. Neil Warshawsky has grown up and attended college in the Chicagoland area. It was his passion to create a practice unlike anything he had ever seen. What evolved from his desire and passion is Get It Straight Orthodontics, a patient-centric all digital practice that uses digital tools like cone beam, chairside oral scans, virtual reality, and 3D printing to create customized orthodontic solutions for a wide variety of issues, not just crooked teeth. Dr. Warshawsky's professional career is a mix of private practice, donated services, and teaching. He has always felt that he is privileged to be able to do what he does. He feels that teaching is just a natural progression of his career. He has been fortunate for the majority of his professional career to have been given opportunities to teach at both the university level as well some of the biggest meetings in the world. Currently, in addition to his private practice, he runs orthodontics for the Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois. As a result of his affiliation, he sees a wide array of surgical issues from congenital malformations, birth defects, all types of growth altering syndromes, and of course adult and pediatric orthodontics. Given that the workflow in all of his offices and the university is digital, they focus on being as efficient as possible. His mission statement is to use our industry-leading digital platform, expertise in a wide-range of appliances, and passion for patient-centric philosophy to ensure our patients receive spectacular results, and are delighted with their experience.