Dr. Christina DiBona Pastan DMD

Tufts University

Dr. Pastan is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Endodontics and the Director of Mind-Body Wellness at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Her work involves lectures and guiding experiences in the mind-body practices of yoga and meditation, and how they assist in the development of the dental professional as well as support individual personal growth and stress relief.

When an individual experiences a balanced state of mind and body, they not only become fully present in themselves and in life, but as a dental health care provider in the care they can give their patients. Dr. Pastan has developed a course on wellness that is required of all first-year Tufts dentistry students and guides weekly yoga classes and meditation sessions to the students, faculty and staff. She is also the advisor to the student wellness club and Chair of the TUSDM Wellness Committee.